Healing is a journey, it is not a one-off event nor  a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Aboriginal people and communities across the state are interested in healing and it can be very different for individuals, families and communities.

The OCHRE Healing Forum held on 23 July 2014 was a discussion platform aiming to engage policy makers – people who are able to influence the way their organisation thinks about and responds to healing. The Healing Forum encouraged a broad and open discussion with Aboriginal community members and service providers who are involved in trauma and healing practices on a daily basis.

The Healing Forum Report is now available on-line at www.aboriginalaffairs.nsw.gov.au along with the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs statement in response to the report.

There are many more people and organisations interested and wanting to be involved in the discussion about healing. During the forum Aboriginal Affairs NSW extended the opportunity to provide feedback through the Healing Forum Have Your Say survey. The Survey has now closed and feedback has been incorporated into the Healing Forum report. If you are involved in a community representative organisation that may be interested in using the survey tool locally to support a discussion about healing in your community please contact us about the Have Your Say survey.

The OCHRE Healing Forum name - Mapu Yaan Gurri, Mapu Marrunggirr - Healing Our Way in the Language of the Thangatti people from the mid north coast of New South Wales, means "Put forward - that each or every Aboriginal, should become healthy – well or happy. The Language description has been provided by Ray Kelly, NSW Centre for Aboriginal Language Development and Coordination.